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Shelley’s Family Histories and Mysteries is my personal family history blog. The stories are based on facts that I have found through my research. I will probably try to weave in some of the social history of the time. Sometimes I may write a fictional tale, or parts to a story, and I will indicate when this is the case. Hopefully, it will help make the stories entertaining.

I will attempt to cite all sources where I make direct statements that something is fact. A bibliography of the principal books and websites I have consulted may be included, when relevant. If you are wondering what the basis is for anything in my stories, and I haven’t said, contact me and I’ll try to let you know.


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Use of my written material is not allowed without my prior permission. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Shelley Farr and Shelley’s Family Histories and Mysteries with appropriate and specific direction to the original.